Cool Caddy - Golf Drink Holder
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Cool Caddy - Golf Drink Holder

Simply the most convenient way to enjoy a cold drink while enjoying the great game of golf!
You can keep 12 oz cans frosty cold in the cooler or use the 12 oz insert for your favorite hot or cold beverage!
You can attach it quickly and easily to virtually any golf pull cart or power cart with no tools required!
Your drink swivels to keep it upright at all times and always close at hand!
Your hands will be free so you can simultaneously eat a Smokey and have an ice cold beer while you pull your clubs and enjoy the great game of golf!
You will find that it may actually help take strokes off your game!

The Cool Caddy Will Help You Save Money on the Golf Course

Golf Drink Caddy

The keeps your drink secure while you play!

After you get the you won't know how you golfed without it.

Let the help you get more out of your game.

Golf Drink Caddy

The pays for itself after only a few rounds!

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