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We are the inventors and manufacturers of the Cool Caddy - Golf Drink Caddy.

We hold the US and Canadian Patent and Canadian Trademark for the Cool Caddy.

Our Mailing Address Is
200-32 Balmoral St. Winnipeg, MB Canada, R3C 1X4

Office Hours: Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)
Central Time  8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Contact Us: [email protected]

Our goal is to put the Cool Caddy on the golf pull carts of thirsty golfers everywhere.

The Cool Caddy

Cool Caddy - Golf Drink Holder - The Untimate Golf Accessorhy


Cool Caddy - Golf Drink Holder - Trademark


Cool Caddy - Golf Drink Holder - US Patent
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Cool Caddy - Antiques and Collectibles Winnipeg, MB Canada Contact Us: [email protected]