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Cool Caddy - This is Our Story

Our company vision was conceived on a golf course in Manitoba....

It was a hot, dry summer day. We were golfing, it was beautiful, and as always we developed a powerful thirst. A while later and on the verge of collapse from heat exhaustion, the most incredible sight appeared over the horizon....

The drink lady. (She’s the one who bravely risks her life driving the drink cart to provide life saving food and refreshments!). After purchasing a couple of frosty cold ones, we were primed to get back at it.

We step up and hit a couple of monster drives right down the middle of the fairway. Absolutely Perfect! And we’re off, every thing was good and the golf gods were smiling, then IT happened.

"@#$%^&*! not again". There were our drinks soaking into the ground on the cart path behind our pull carts. Note to self: don't put drink in front of or behind wheel. As we looked up we saw the drink lady disappear over the horizon. Note to self: buy two beer next time.

A good while later, and a lot thirstier, we catch up with the drink lady and get a few more beers and sandwiches. With drink and food in hand we tee up, and off we go. Once again life is good and the golf gods are smiling.

Now what to do with our drinks while we eat our sandwiches. Just put it on top of your bag and lean it against your clubs we said, no problem. Off we rumble down the fairway. Next shot 4 iron. Wait a minute! Why are our club handles all wet and sticky. Houston, we have a problem! Now my beer is half empty.

Two shots later and beside the green, @#$% fantastic. No problem, don't panic,  just chip it up beside the hole, too bad my club handles are sticky, looks good, Yes!!! Near the pin! Wait a minute! Isn't that my beer way back at my last shot? It was half full. AAAAHHHH!!!!  I'll be right back. ...... It's warm  AAAAHHHH!

This was it. We had reached the breaking point. Something had to be done. Someone had to step up and put and end to this problem. That's when we decided to make sure that these preventable frustrations never happened again. We formed a company to design, patent, develop and manufacture a  golf accessory that would solve these problems for cart pulling golfers.

The Cool Caddy was born.

This is  our story and we're sticking to it!

Cool Caddy - Golf Drink Holder - The Untimate Golf Accessorhy

The Cool Caddy

Cool Caddy - Golf Drink Holder - The Untimate Golf Accessorhy


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Kicked Over by Accident

Cool Cadd - Golf Drink Holder

Run Over by Cart

Cool Cadd - Golf Drink Holder

Spilling on Club Handles and Grips

Cool Cadd - Golf Drink Holder

The Cool Caddy Solution

Cool Cadd - Golf Drink Holder

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